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Aaron Rogers, LPC Owner, CrossFit Certified Head Coach

In a true CrossFit gym you overcome fight, battle WODS together with a group of people which become your second family.  "We build a bond together surviving these excellent but crazy workouts. You will not find that at any global gym!"

What is the best thing about CrossFit?:  We cheer for each other whether it is your first visit or your a regular.
Favorite WOD: DT
Certifications: Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor, Copper & Golden Gloves Champion of AZ
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

As a kid he played multiple sports from baseball to soccer, including earning a college scholarship for soccer.  In the early 2000's he signed up for a Tough Man Competition which made him fall in love with the sport of boxing. The decision to start a family stopped him from continuing to box. He never found any sport or exercise that compared to the competition and training he did while boxing. Until his wife took him into a CrossFit gym in 2010,  it took two more classes to hook him in; since then he never misses a class.

Litchfield Park CrossFit Coaches

Stephanie Rogers, LPC Owner

Stephanie started CrossFit in 2010 and fell in love with it. CrossFit has had an amazing positive impact on her life. "It's been a true blessing when things in life are hard. It has been the best outlet when life throws you curves."  Through CrossFit and challenges within her own families' health, she found a passion for nutrition. One of the most important aspects of CrossFit and in life is nutrition

What is the best thing about CrossFit?:  "I love CrossFit for so many reasons. The community it builds. The positive camaraderie within CrossFit is like no other!"
Favorite WOD:  Helen
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

JR Haggard, LPC Coach

What is the best thing about CrossFit?:  No matter how long you have been doing CrossFit there is always room for growth and to better yourself. Turned in my key ring gym membership and joined the LPC family in November 2015. From the first class I was hooked.  I have taught and competed in martial arts my whole life and CrossFit is nothing like I have done before. It has truly changed my life. 

Favorite WOD: Nate
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Katrina "Kina" Cecil, LPC Coach

Katrina graduated ASU in 2013. She currently attends GCC to complete graduate school pre-requisites and will be applying into a graduate program in 2017. Her athletic background consists of track & field in high school and competitive swimming from 10 yrs old through part of college. “I recently found CrossFit, and it’s been the missing piece in my life since I stopped competing."

What is the best thing about CrossFit?: The best thing about CrossFit is that it trains you to be better at “doing life”. Anyone can CrossFit. You become stronger in every aspect; mentally & physically. We put ourselves through things that we never thought we could do and come out on top with old friends, new friends, and family cheering us on the whole way.             
Favorite WOD: Diane
Certifications: CF-L1 Trainer, Judges Certificate, Scaling Certificate, Anatomy Certificate
Hometown: Burke, Virginia (Foreign Service)